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Welcome in Naxos! In the centre of Cyclades! In the heart of Aegean!

The island that combines the astonishing nature, the sparkling sea, the unique small and big beaches, the big contradictions in the natural environment with the unique hospitality, the genuineness of his residents, and the ancient history.

MANOLIS STUDIOS are found in tourist region KASTRAKI - MIKRI VIGLA, NAXOS with the eminent beaches and marine sports, near the sea, with access in a lot of near beaches such as MIKRI VIGLA, KASTRAKI ALIKO, AGIOS PROKOPIOS, and AGIA ANNA

It is constituted from 10 completely equipped studios that service from 2 to 5 individuals, operating from April up to October.

  Manolis Studios in Mikri Vigla, on the Island of Naxos Greece

MANOLIS Studios-Apartments
Mikri Vigla - Kastraki - Naxos
Tel.: +30 22850-75405 , TÁŽ.-Fax +30 22850-42580 , +30 22850-25163 , +3022850-26441
Mobile Tel.: +306974182732 , +306944314979